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Christine Blewett

Christine Blewett

A highly experienced marketing strategist known as the doyenne of customer retention, Christine understands the increasing complexities of customer attraction and utilizes her expertise and knowledge of business to help entrepreneurs and small business owners to generate attention, attract customers and keep them to grow profit.
A marketing tactician with two decades’ experience, Christine is the doyenne of customer retention and a pioneer in personal business branding. Understanding the complexities and intricacies of customer attraction, Christine uses her marketing expertise and business knowledge (gained with organisations such as Telstra, Hewlett Packard, Orange Business Services, Kaspersky, Jabra and ABnote) to help entrepreneurs and small business owners attain, sustain, and retain customers.

Christine is passionate about business improvement and has an uncanny ability to recognise hidden potential (and profitability). She makes the complex simple, and the seemingly overwhelming practicable. Using contemporary marketing techniques, Christine’s advice and insight helps organisations position themselves to capture hearts and minds: to stand out, get noticed and gain attention in ways that simultaneously grow the business and bottom line. In an overcrowded, noisy, and rapidly changing business environment, Christine keeps it simple. Her favourite mantras for business owners are: messaging is key and customer experience is your number one concern.

Christine’s engaging style and tell-it-like-it-is approach lends itself to SME Business owners, entrepreneurs, techpreneurs, and solopreneurs, committed individuals & businesses who are willing to show up, step up, and change up a gear.

Christine is university educated in Accounting and Marketing (Monash University). She is an experienced workshop presenter, conference speaker, author, blogger and serial networker.

Not one to sit on the couch, Christine lives life to the full. She believes moments matter more than material things, and that the best moments are those that are shared. When Christine isn’t pushing the limits she likes to leave imprints in the sand, sometimes gets caught in the rain, an avid blues music fan she enjoys live music and at times, dances like no one is watching.