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Personal Business Brand – Image

Personal Business Brand - Image

Be memorable be marketable be remarkable.

In a digital oriented world your business image is everything, your customers make a decision about you and your business at the click of a button. Customers want a brand that they can resonate with and built trust and buy when a common cause is established. To achieve a strong personal brand you need to communicate in a clear consistent manner to attract your perfect clients one that reflects you and your business having a clear purposeful brand will help you to;

  • Show your business to the world in a clear pitch and on message to attract your ideal customers
  • Attract partnership as it will be easier to see clear alignment
  • Increased business referrals as clear understanding of your business engenders trust and likeability

We can help with your image in the following ways;

  • Analysis and Report
  • Image Refresh/Revive
  • Image Makeover
  • Total Branding/Image Revamp

Image Analysis and Report

  • Customers make up their mind about you well before they get in touch. Discover how you appear to the outside world.
  • We will review your Professional business image and how your brand appears to the outside world.
  • Then prepare a professional report with recommendations on key actions to profile your business and increase your “target customer attractiveness”.
  • Areas that will be examined include:
    • Website
    • Social Media
    • Pitch/messaging
    • Collaterals
    • Staff approach and communication
    • Presentation Materials

  • The Basics

Image Re-fresh/Revive

  • We work with you to define your target customer, review what you currently have and develop the strategies that attracts more of your ideal customers.
  • Then provide you with the tools to re-vive your business image.
  • What you get:
    • TMC Definition template
    • Business and Personal Bio Template & Review
    • Social Media Profiles Template & Review
    • Messaging and Keywords Review
    • Web Structure & Content review
  • Suitable for those that have a minimum budget to invest in their image makeover and want advice and a kickstart to a personal business brand profile.
  • The Essentials

Total Image Makeover

  • We will work with you to define your target customer. then review the products in your organisation and how they help your target customers and develop the messaging to attract more of your ideal customers.
  • What you get:
    • Image Analysis
    • TMC Definition Template & review
    • Business Pitch Template & Review
    • Business and Personal Bio Written
    • Profiles on Social Media Template & Review
    • Recommend Web & Social Media Messaging
    • Recommend Relevant Content

  • Suitable for those that recognize the importance of their business image to customer attraction and want to work with a professional to help them get there.
  • The Works

Total Image Revamp

  • For the ultimate customer image we take you step by step through each process and coach and guide you to a total online and offline brand revamp.
  • What you get:
    • Total Brand redesign on-and- offline
    • Personal image profile and bio of business owner and executive team
    • Collaterals review and redesign
    • Online Presence
    • Social Media Presence
    • Workshop to train your team
  • Suitable for those that want an image revamp and want to outsource the work to a professional.

  • The Ultimate